I graduated from The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado in 2005. I first became interested in Rolfing as a client seeking a solution to years of chronic pain.  My experience with Rolfing had a profound effect on me.  I found freedom in my structure I had never experienced before.  My yoga practice was deepened.  Running and bicycling were no longer painful activities.  I noticed my body and mind were more at ease.  These experiences made me want to share this amazing work with others.  
My belief is that the Rolfing process can be a catalyst for easing pain, increasing flexibility, and improving posture.  I work with people who are looking to bring more movement and flow into their bodies, whether they are serious athletes, work at a computer all day, or are interested in alternative therapies. 
My interests outside of work as a Certified Rolfer include yoga, bicycling,
hiking, and spending time with my wife Jennifer and our two daughters,
Sonja and Otillie.



"Sterling is really talented at what he does. I had nerve problem in my foot for two years. I had been to three medical doctors and had been given shots. Nothing was helping me. Sterling Rolfed me and I have had little to no pain since then. If you ever have the chance to get the 10 series it will change your body!"
Jessica R.

"Sterling recently helped me out with some back pain.  It was my first Rolfing session and I thought it was very effective and will definitely continue with Rolfing."
Greg Z.

"I went to see Sterling for just two sessions for numbness/tingling/pain in both arms that was similar to carpal tunnel symptoms. After two sessions with Sterling my symptoms were gone and have not returned. He does great work!"
Kristin K.

"I went to see Sterling Cassel for Rolfing and I highly recommend him. Try him out before you go get that massage it is a massage and more. He is knowledgeable and professional. I know I will be back to see him again in the near future."
Ashlee N.